Oche Pong, Balls to the Wall Beer Pong

Our Operation's team is out in Las Vegas this weekend to attend the Backyard, BBQ, and Tailgate section of the National Hardware Show.  Any orders placed from May 6th to May 14th will be shipped out on May 15th.  Please do not hesitate to place your order as we are expecting to sell our remaining 100 boards this week due to the additional exposure from the show.

Thank you,
Your Oche Pong Team

Good day to all,

Have you ever wanted to play some beer pong but then thought that you could make better use of your table for things like food or drinks?  Well let us introduce Oche Pong to you.  With Oche Pong you can play a great version of pong without the table in your dorm, your man cave, at a tailgate party, or anywhere they is a flat vertical surface such as a window or mirror.

Oche, pronounced like hockey without the "h", is the technical term for the throw line in darts.  We took inspiration from old world pub signs in designing Oche Pong's shape.  Using the term Oche provided us with a name that was associated with a game that is commonly found in bars and other gathering establishments.

This have been almost a three year journey to get to this point so please join us in going balls to the wall with Oche Pong!

Thank you,
Doug, Drew, Rob, and Russ