These are some of the most common questions that we have received while out with Oche Pong.

Is it easier to play since the cups are slanted?
In our experience the quick answer is no, you are still shooting at roughly the same surface area.  This is easily the question we are most often asked the first time a person is introduced to the game. 

What type of cups with work with Oche Pong?
We have tested Oche Pong with a variation of over 10 brands of party cups including those that are a little square in shape.  They all have the same diameter for the top of the cup which allows Oche Pong’s design to function with them.

Does Oche Pong arrive packaged with any mounting devices?
Yes, we now include a set of suction cups and bungee cords with each board.  The board was designed to allow you use several types of fastening options in conjunction with the mounting base hidden behind the ball racks.

To use the bungee cords to mount Oche Pong to a pop-up tent simply thread the cord through the corner of the skeletal structure at the top.  Then use the second cord on the bottom to keep the board from moving.

Oche Pong can be mounted on a flat glass surface such as sliding glass door or the back of vehicle using the included suction cups.  They were weight rate to hold 7 pounds per cup.  The board weighs in at a little under 5 pounds which leaves plenty of room for the liquid.  We have had one board mounted outside on a sliding glass now since April without it moving.

You can use a standard screw, nail, or those adhesive hooked strips to place Oche Pong on the wall.  We do not include any of these items as they are commonly found in a hardware store.

How long do I have to wait to get my Board?
Packaging time is 1 to 2 business days before they are dropped off to a shipping location.  We ship standard ground via FedEx or USPS Priority service from basically Orlando, FL.  In state deliveries are usually the next business day with CA being a 5-day delivery time.

What is Oche?
Oche is pronounced like hockey without the “h”.  Oche is the technical name for the dart throw line.   We took inspiration from a dart board along the styling of old world pub signs to create a game that is as close to regular beer pong as you can get without a table.